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The Michael Seewald
Photographic 'Fun-shops'

They are too fun to be called workshops, so we call 'em 'fun-shops'!


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My instruction in art has included (check whatever applies):

   High School Class     College Class   Mainly looking at magazines ;/)

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I mainly work in:

Camera equipment I use:  

Note: You will need a tripod WITH a ball head for SOME classes.
(The exception is our 2 hour 'Intro to your Camera' or Composition class, it's not needed). 
You can rent one at most camera stores for about $20 per day, or from us at $10 per day, just as long as you bring one.

Concerning the needed tripod w/'ball head' for all classes EXCEPT the 2 hour Intro/Comp. ones.    

My favorite subjects to photograph are:    

I found out about this workshop thru:  

My Profession:

Goals you hope to accomplish with this class.


Please list any health issues the Seewald's should know about, such as bad back, heart condition, knee/leg problems, etc. (in case we have to hike steep hillside towns in Yosemite, Carmel, etc..), or medications that may be needed to be taken while on the workshop, etc.. 


In case of an emergency please contact:  
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If not please fill the following out.

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The '2 & 3 hour classes' are due in full.

Three day class: deposit of $200 is required to reserve your class and the balance is automatically charged to the card 2 weeks prior to class (unless arranged otherwise in writing) for San Diego classes and 60 days before all others. If it's now within three weeks, we will ring up the class in full.

The portrait class is $295, we ring up $100 deposit and the balance two weeks prior to the class. If it's within three weeks at this point, we will charge the whole amount.

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    Only Visa or M/C Cards accepted.

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Cancellation Policy

Because we sometimes rely on student attendance in order to schedule instructors, book essential travel
arrangements, acquire permits and arrange lodging discounts, and limit class size to better serve all, we must adhere to the following policies for all students:

San Diego class cancellation policy as of 1.1.'11. 14 or more days before class, a certificate good for a future class will be issued (good for one year). With less than 14 days before class: No refund nor certificate will be issued. Not responsible for medical emergencies. Class held rain or shine.

All classes outside San Diego county- cancellation policy as of 11.1.'11
60 or more days before class, a certificate good for a future class will be issued (good for one year).
With less than 60 days before class: No refund nor certificate will be issued. Not responsible for medical emergencies. Class held rain or shine.

Policy posted here and FAQ section.


It is understood that Michael or Valerie Seewald (the Seewald's) or any of their employees shall have no responsibility or liability for personal injury to any participant or damage to any participant's property, or for personal injuries or damage to the property of any other person resulting from the participant's involvement in any workshop. The Seewald's shall have no responsibility for the acts, errors or omissions of their actions or their helpers, transportation companies, lodging facilities, restaurants, tour guides, or other providers of services to participants in the course of these classes.

The Seewald's reserve the right to substitute an instructor if absolutely necessary and will attempt to inform all participants immediately if a last minute substitution is necessary.  Note: To date, this has never happened.

The Seewald' retain the right to cancel any workshop and/or to change the time and format of any workshop in the event it is necessary to do so. In the event a workshop has to be cancelled the extent of the Seewald' liability is limited to the return of all fees paid to them if a voucher (verbal or written) for a future class is not of interest.  By opting for a future class, all policies remain intact.

The Seewald's shall not be responsible for reimbursement of travel costs, i.e. airline/train tickets etc., due to cancellation of a workshop.  It is suggested you purchase a refundable ticket and  purchase trip cancellation insurance. 

This waiver will be good for all future Seewald 'fun-shops' and need not be re-submitted again. (As in taking a future portrait class, etc..)


Any questions please call us at

We confirm all orders via e-mail.
Sometimes electronic forms mess up, if you don't hear back in a day or two, please call us.


The submittal of this form is
understood to be your electronic signature.

By submitting this agreement you are certifying that you
have read, understand and agree upon the above
'waiver of liability' terms and cancellation policy.
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