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testimonials, ortrait classes in california and san diego photography workshops and classes. Some are held in Tuscany Italy photo tours. Besides in San diego california, tours of provence, photo tours of provence france. Amazing photographic seminars, digital classe, new york, san francisco, santa barbara, riverside, orange county, l.a. and not far from los angelos. It's how to make good photographs in north san diego county with Seewald digital 35mm, medium and large format cameras. We will teach you photography classes through our photo workshops in the field. Photographic workshops, seewald photographia is all about the arte. For amateur, intermediate and advanced by encinitas photography teachers. Carlsbad photography teachers with photographs. Fine art photos like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, like the Calumet photo workshops for escondido. Not to mention folks from Oceanside, la costa, rancho sante fe, la Jolla, san Diego, la mesa, mira mesa, poway, fairbanks ranch take the classes too. Chicago, miami, denver, seattle, phoenix, arizona, scottsdale, texas, members with digital photo classes testimonials,

Michael Seewald's
'How to make great
portraits - for fun or profit' class.

Outdoor Portrait Workshops Testimony Page

How to photograph people - singles, couples and groups.



Michael is a wonderfully engaging teacher who encourages class members to participate, question and share. He is energetic and artistic as he critics the scenery of life all around the world. This class allowed me to improve from snapshots to portrait photography and to do so while not wasting the subjects' time. This class is well worth the money and time spent!


The class size was perfect !  Michael was never more than a moment away.


Michael helped me focus on my weak points so that I will be more aware of what I am trying to accomplish as I shot.

Russ Locke, Portrait class of 7.11.2015


Photo by Tamara Ames.

"The class gave me all the tools that I need. ...Michael is an excellent instructor! Never gives up on a student that I have seen. He will give the student a little room and then assist again. ...Critique part: Very tough and at the same time very respectful. If you listened to the class info you understand how the critique works. Always much learned...more from my "not as good as could be" photos. ...Well worth the money and my time!"

Tamara Ames,
Port. class of 6.26.'10


"Once again, Michael knocks it out of the park with a very informative one day class which combines classroom training and real world on the job shooting. In the morning we studied in front of his studio with a handout that was packed with valuable info. After a working lunch, we applied our newly found knowledge by taking turns directing/posing/adjusting the lighting and shooting numerous models (male and female, young and not so young) that he brought in during the rest of the day. We learned all the key elements of outdoor portrait photography in one day. Amazing! It was fun, intense and packed with reinforced techniques. For myself, it was a true awakening to how to really do portraits, for a bargain price.

...Michael gave me all the attention I needed and I noticed he did the same for the others as well. A very patient man!...I don't know what it is about Michael, but he is so easy to learn from. I soaked it all in like a sponge....Michael is spot-on with his critiques in a matter of fact way. Very blunt but not disrespectful. He does not waste my time!

For me, it was worth at least double what I paid. I look forward to future classes....Very easy to understand and retain. Benefits? I went from Zero to Hero in one day!...I was amazed at how much I could improve in one day of training. This class has given me the confidence to "charge" for my photos from now on.

Michael, I can't thank you enough!"

Brad Giles,
San Diego, CA
Portrait Class of 4.10.'10


Linda, cowgirl
by Marianne Byers, from Seewald portrait class of 2.2.'08


Hello Michael,

     This is to let you know how much I enjoyed the portrait class. The photography skills I learned in this class were priceless. I have been reading the assignment rules as well as taking portraits of my friends this week. The ability to take a "great" portrait is always on my mind. What I have been gaining is the confidence to reach that point. Thank you!

     There is a big invitation only fund raising event in Fallbrook on June 6th at the Warren's Estate and I was asked to take pictures. I requested an area to take portraits and they said yes. I cannot believe it! They are even going to give me assistants. So, a few days before the event I am going to the estate and scout out the best location. And what is even better, I am going to get paid for this.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Poulter,
Oceanside, California
Class of 5.23.'09



    Michael has such an amazing eye and knowledge of light and composition. He stresses these things in his classes and tries very hard to teach the skill of really seeing light and looking with new eyes, those of a composer.

    His enthusiastic spirit and humor are much appreciated and make the class so much fun!

Jennifer Coombe, 
Class of 5.23.'09


    If you enjoyed Michael's introductory class, this one will remind you why. There are plenty of "a-ha moments" when the students attempt to apply the theories discussed in the first half of the session. You may leave feeling empowered and/or frustrated that the course didn't last another day. Either way, if you've never had any formal training in portrait photography, you most certainly leave the class with plenty of tools to hone your skills in that area.

    The small class size was key to everyone getting personal attention from Michael. ... It rekindled my interest in making photography more than a hobby.

Eric M. Yee, New York, NY
Class of 5.23.'09

(Figured it worthy to AGAIN fly in for a class from across the county, this time for just a 'one-dayer' too!)



This critique from was rec'd from Pennie Ahmed of Riverside Calif., one of six students in our sold out class of 2.21.'09.

value_rec'd_for_the_cost: Way more value than what I paid

quote_me: ON

name: Pennie Ahmed

short_paragraph_of_how_it_was: I enjoy learning from Michael because he has the unique ability to teach you, critique you, encourage you, all in one moment. His critiques are accurate, but painless. I really enjoyed this class, because I felt like I was on Top Chef. I would go and take my photo and then come to show Michael, the Judge. I was thinking, he is going to like this! But, he gently said, no, but if you had done this and this, it would have worked. So, I went back and did this and this and sure enough, it did work much better. With a bit of practice, I may have it. I have attended many classes that cost me much more and I learned much less.

How_was_personal_attention: Every student gets plenty of time with him, and if you want more then he freely shares his knowledge.

How_was_michael_as_an_instructor: I got more info that my brain could process. It was good info, not just fill-in in stuff to make the information look like a huge amount. It was info that he uses everyday, and I hope to use it too.

ForEveryon_how_tough_respectful_day1_critiquing: He is straight forward and gentle.

What_was_the_value_of_the_class: $1,000

beginners_day_ONE_anything_differently: I wish I could of seen more of the other students photos. If they had framed it up and then everyone came over like at the Spanish Village in our 2 day class it would have been great.

Note taken Pennie;
we will do that more often from now on- thanks for noticing.  

General Public:
That's why these classes get better and better testimonial wise, we are not perfect but want to be! MS



     "I have to say that I was very happy with this class. The handouts given at the beginning of the class were very informative containing a lot of tips and rules for taking portraits. I have recently read a lot on portrait photography and was surprised and very pleased to find that Michael's handouts were not redundant of all the info that is out there in books. Michael shares from his own years of personal experience and that is why I love learning from him. He is truly a master of photography so I always walk away feeling that I can take my photography to a whole new level.
     I am a big fan of Scott Kelby's books and how he talks to his readers as if he were standing right there telling them how to get the shot they want. Michael's classes are very much like this. He gives us his tips and rules for taking portraits and then we get to put all we learn into action with him right there with us. I learn by doing and I get to learn from the best there is.
     I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to taking their portrait photography to a whole new level. If you are serious about your photography and producing "wow" shots this class is way more valuable than its price.

     I am looking forward to clearing my schedule so I can attend a Carmel class in the near future!"

Becki Smith,
San Diego, California,
Portrait class of 2.2.'08



This a great class to take what we have learned, landscape photography, and apply it to portrait work. You will learn to take portraits in areas that I would have never thought they could come out properly.

As always Michael's attention to each student will help you learn so much in just one day as possible.

The material was presented so I could understand the principles. I learned light is still the most important item in portrait photography."

Mike Stevens
Valley Center, Calif..
Portrait Class of


     "...Photographing people is an art in itself. Body language, positioning and facial expressions are key to a great portrait photo. Michael's class has made me more aware of what makes a so so portrait or a winner. The handout he gives you has really good tips on the do's and don't of portrait photography many of which I never thought of. Really good and helpful. I can't wait to incorporate some of my new learned skills on my next portrait shots.

    I highly recommend this class to those who want to improve their portrait photography. I always get so enthusiastic after Michael's classes and look forward to practicing the new techniques. "

Pamela Mattson,
La Jolla, California
Portrait class of 2.2.'08



by Marianne Byers

Click image to enlarge.



"...The portrait class was a great experience and I learned a lot about the proper way to position and pose people and also about how lighting can make or break a portrait.

There was a lot of information but my mind is like a sponge that sucked it all in and now I just have to go back and squeeze it all out and practice, practice, practice."

Gina Watt,
Carlsbad, California
Portrait class of 2.2.'08


 "...Michael is the real deal, he is out there making art and he conveys his passion for photography and his love of life.

    Michael teaches from the heart and is willing to learn from his students too. I would recommend the portrait class to experienced hobbyists and to professionals.

I think it would be too much to expect a novice to enjoy the class; you need to have basic understanding of composition, the magic of light and the operation of your camera. (NOTE from us: thus the need for Seewald's photo 'fun-shop' two or three day class first)..."

Bruce Wallace,
Escondido, CA
Portrait class of 2.22.'08


     "Whole class experience? - INCREDIBLE!! I learned so much and actually have the skills and confidence to shoot portraits now. I had no idea how much I DIDN'T know until the class. Actually practicing all the rules on willing models was so great. Also the individual attention Michael gave me throughout the day - staying with me until I really understood what he was explaining.

     Also- Michael having ME pose for him was an eye-opening experience - now I know how weird / uncomfortable it is for my clients and will warn them ahead of time that it feels wrong, but will show up RIGHT in the photo! Yes -I can say I made a quantum leap in knowledge and skill level in this department!

   ...I would recommend these workshops to anyone - what I've learned from Michael is how to be a photographer - that is incredible!!"

Kim Diefenthaler,
Portrait class of 4.10.'10
Orange County, CA


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